Adobe and DNG Modular pack®

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    Nikon D200 PortraitCobalt Standard

    Nikon D200 Portrait

    Canon 1DsIII Standard

    Adobe and DNG Modular pack®
    Standard, Neutral, Flat, Repro profiles

    Adobe and DNG modular profiles

    For Adobe products, Dxo, RawTheraphee or Luminar.
    This modular set includes:
    One core package made both as a stand-alone product or as a starting point for the “expansions” of our modular offer.
    The second is indeed our offer of emulations.
    So you can just try the DNG Basic Pack to enjoy the perfect color reproduction and all the benefits of the set made specifically for your camera model; later you can buy one of our emulation modules.

    Key features

    A professional workflow

    If you use many different cameras for your work you can use our modular offer covering all your camera bodies with our DNG Basic Packs; this will give you a constant color outcome.
    Later if you’d like to try one of our emulations, this will work with all your bodies covered by our DNG Basic Pack giving you the same perfect outcome, whatever is the starting camera model!

    XMP profiles

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