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    CCD Fever®
    Key features

    This is the CCD Fever emulation pack.
    We offer a complete and accurate emulation of colour profiles you could choose when you shot on CCD digital cameras; from Leica M8, Leica M9 (both DNG and JPG) to Fuji S5 Pro and Pentax 645D.
    For many years we read everywhere about people’s regret about the colours of an old CCD camera, always starting topic of hundred pages filled with theories on the “magic” powers on colour from CCD sensors.
    This is a dream becoming reality for many photographers; now you can shoot with your super and shiny ML and enjoy the legendary colour skin tones of Fuji S5 PRO jpg, or the pleasant colour signature made for the Kodak CCD sensor in the Leica M9 and last but not least the awesome soft rendition of Pentax 645D.
    We also added the beloved black and white SOOC profile both in standard and high contrast curves from the Leica M9.
    Our profiles are also made on dual-illuminant, all the other emulations you will find elsewhere (Adobe, Dxo and competitors) are made for a single illuminant.

    Please explore our colours

    Enjoy the CCD style on all your cameras!
    You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working.
    This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw only.

    If you are a Capture One user and you would like to enjoy this specific emulation, please contact us! We can offer a tailored service for your specific camera on Capture One.

    XMP Presets

    Fuji S5 PRO jpg
    Leica M8 jpg

    Leica M9 JPG
    Leica M9 JPG b&w std
    Leica M9 JPG b&w high
    Leica M9 DNG
    Pentax 645D jpg


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