Cobalt Kodak Kodachrome®

  • Cobalt Kodak Kodachrome®
    Key features

    This is the Cobalt Kodak Kodachrome pack, offering the legendary Kodachrome colour signature on the modern modular system by Cobalt.
    Included in this pack is :

    Kodak Kodachrome Last Roll, our emulation of the generic colour reproduction of the last roll of McCurry; we spent months trying to replicate colours and light reproduction of this legendary film.

    Kodak Kodachrome 4×5, our emulation of the superb colour signature of the WW2 slides corrected and restored in the last ten years by many editors (you can find here and here many samples).
    We offer two different colour reproductions: one for bright light conditions, one for low light-indoor.

    Kodak Kodachrome Haas, our emulation of the colour feeling of the works made by the master Ernst Haas.

    Kodak Kodachrome Sixities, our emulation of the colour feeling on the general photography during the 1960s

    Please explore our colours

    Now we added a special feature for the first time on our emulation, every emulsion has three different curves to enhance the flexibility of your favourite workflow:
    Linear (linear information from the sensor with film emulation applied)
    Flat (base exposure curve, no contrast added)
    Standard (full exposure curve and contrast added)

    ——————————UPDATED to v3.1—————————————-

    -Added the Kodachrome Sixties profile
    -Improved the Last Roll, the better tone reproduction makes us offer one improved profile for any light environment.
    -Added the support of curves inside PRESET to have the full product (profiles and RGB curves)
    -Added the (sRGB output) – (full exp curve and contrast,  for gamut compression from ProPhoto to sRGB export)
    -if you want a click and go to export for sRGB use with the specific preset you will use the sRGB OUTPUT preset;
    sRGB output Presets contain a special Lut for gamut compression from ProPhoto to sRGB. The gamut compression has been made with a particular perceptual intent in
    CIECAM02. This is handy for when you need to have a direct output to this space and the photo has out-of-gamut sectors.”

    So now you have not only a profile but a FULL PRESET for each emulation set;  included are the specific colour profile and the specific RGB curves (on Tone Curve) needed for the full fidelity and available for further editing coming from a “film” emulation(reaching to black or white point).

    Grain preset, Wb preset and Matrix preset.

    Enjoy the Kodak Kodachrome emulation made on Cobalt colour science on all your cameras!

    You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working.
    This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw only.

    If you are a Capture One user and you would like to enjoy this specific emulation, please contact us! We can offer a tailored service for your specific camera on Capture One.



    XMP Presets

    Cobalt Kodachrome Last Roll Linear/Flat/Standard/sRGB output
    Cobalt Kodachrome Sixties Linear/Flat/Standard/sRGB output
    Cobalt Kodachrome Haas Linear/Flat/Standard/sRGB output
    Cobalt Kodachrome 4×5 Bright Linear/Flat/Standard/sRGB output
    Cobalt Kodachrome 4×5 Dark Linear/Flat/Standard/sRGB output

    Cobalt Kodachrome Grain 4×5
    Cobalt Kodachrome Grain Haas
    Cobalt Kodachrome Grain Last Roll
    Cobalt Kodachrome Grain Sixities

    Cobalt Matrix Sat -15
    Cobalt Matrix Sat -25

    Cobalt Cloudy
    Cobalt Cool led
    Cobalt Daylight
    Cobalt Flash
    Cobalt Open Shade
    Cobalt Tungsten
    Cobalt Warm Led

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