Leica Monochrom CCD emulation®

  • Leica Monochrom CCD emulation®
    Key features

    This is Leica Monochrom CCD emulation.
    After a while we did it, we emulated the incredible feeling and taste of the legendary Leica Monochrom CCD.
    We achieved a less than 0.8 DeltaE of our target over the entire spectrum; the quality of this emulation is unparalleled and if you’re looking for that black and white signature, and his unique taste of CCD, here it is!

    Our profiles are also made on dual-illuminant and for this specific emulation, we offer different profiles for each different illuminant and for every specific coloured filter to also give you this opportunity as you were using the proper Leica Monochrom without the limits of that beautiful but extreme and expensive solution.

    Please explore our colours

    Enjoy the black and white world of the Leica Monochrom on all your cameras!
    You must own Adobe DNG basic pack to get emulations working.
    This emulation pack works on Lightroom 7.3 and over/Camera Raw only.

    If you are a Capture One user and you would like to enjoy this specific emulation, please contact us! We can offer a tailored service for your specific camera on Capture One.


    XMP Presets

    This pack is made by 49 different profiles

    These different options:
    No filter
    Blue filter
    Green filter
    Orange filter
    Red filter
    Yellow filter

    For every illuminant :


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