Capture One

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      Canon 1DsIII StandardCobalt Standard
      Capture One pack®
      Standard, Repro, Neutral profiles
      Key features

      We are proud to offer the basic set of our color profiles for Capture One.

      The generic profiles included inside the Phase One software do not provide the accuracy required by your workflow; if you are not a Phase One camera user, you will find nothing but generic single illuminant profiles which are fairly good for general purpose use but NOT for any accurate reproduction.
      Usually, the solution would be purchasing an expensive color checker (SG at least) and calibrating each camera for every light condition; and you would still be really far away from the accuracy of our profiles.
      Our recipe has a better DeltaE accuracy even compared to the new ProRaw profiles!

      If your job requires an accurate color reproduction or you need to manage harsh lights by keeping your quality, our Cobalt set made for Capture One is what you need.

      PS. Please feel free to contact us for any request regarding customized profiles for Capture One; Fuji, Leica, or other emulations are available upon request.

      ICC Profiles (specially made for C1 color pipeline)

      The profile set includes:

      Standard (daylight) great for portraits and all kinds of photos.
      Standard (tungsten)

      Neutral (daylight) same as Standard without Color Correction.
      Neutral (tungsten)

      Repro (daylight)  same as Neutral without Contrast Curve for a perfect linear rendering with linear curve setting selected.
      Repro (tungsten)

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